week two:

Hola familia y amigos!!!!
It was a BETTER week! I am slowly but surely adjusting to the life of a missionary!!! haha ok and if you want a visual of me right now, picture Flint Lockwood from cloudy with a chance of meatballs typing away at his computer at  the speed of lighting with his floppy hands hahaha the time FLIES on here but i love hearing from each and every one of you and if you dont hear from me right away, I am working on a response i promise!!!! I just have to write it throughout the week. :) k so heres the breakdown: (not day by day, just by category cause i pretty much do the same thing every day, hahaha)
- i am learning that the spirit is so strong here, always but especially at certain moments. Sometimes me and my companions will get iunto deep conversations about the gospel and the spirit world, and the work that we are doing for Heavenly Father, and the spirits that are hel´ping us and the help we have from the other side of the veil, and its just so cool. I am feeling little by little, what it really means to be a missionary. I am really learning that this is His work and i feel so blessed to be on His errand, teaching His children that they are loved!
- On sundays, we get to watch lots of old MTC devotionals and listen to talks by he apostles. We watched one by Elder Holland and everything he said just hit my heart. I realizsed that being a missionary is the coolest thing in the world and the Lord really is on our side!
-sunday night, a bunch of the missionaries just ended up singing around the piano while someone played a bunch of random hymns. And that sounds so cheesy but i kid you not, the spirit was SO STRONG. It was the coolest thing ever!
- my district (group of missionaries) sang the prelude music in sacrament meeting, and the elder statred playing families can be together forever, (en espanol of course) and immediatley i just burst into tears! I couldnt even sing the song because i was crying and just became so full of love for my family. I can feel your love every single daY! and i just felt so grateful for the spirit of God and for the knowledge that I will be with you guys forever, even if not right now.
Hard things:
-speaking spanish!!! hahaha i am slowly improving and can teach basic principles to people about the gospel in spanish but basically you can just call me Mormon Dora. Lots of spanglish, talking at robot speed, and using a high concntration of gospel vocabulary.
I was watching a devotional and taking notes, and I here an Elder behind me say, ¨Hey Hermana Gardner, how many fonts do you have?¨ and i looked down at my notes and they were filled with all sorts of sizes of words and crazy letters and stuff like i always do hahahahaha i was like, umm lots iguess? ha! They were all making fun of me for it, lol
-My district is filled with a bunch of crazy boys and then my companioinship and needless to say, we break out in laughter a lot, ha! For example, we are in class and our teacher tries to say in her broken english, ökay, tell me why.¨and then Elder Cluff and Elder Utai simultaneously break out into the backstreeet boys song and sing ¨TELL ME WHYYYY!!!¨haha i guess when you are cooped up in a classroom making yourself crazy tryin to learn spanish all day, really dumb thingsd become really funny.
- we always try to think of pranks to play on ourt teachers. One time this week, we opened the window in our classroom and one of the elders what like, ¨can i go o9ut side for a sec?¨and the proceeded to leap put the window hahaha except he didnt make it all the way out cause the Hermana realized what he was doing and was like ¨NO!!!¨hahaha
Random thoughts from the week¨
JACKSON!!!! i just keep thinking of you!!!! And imagining you here with me as one of the elders in my district or something. I wish you were here!!!! You are going to be such a fun missionary and I cant WAIT to have you with me out here in the field! Its hard work but I know you asre just gonna kill it. Get studying that spanish cause i just know youre gonna be speaking it with me one day! Love you so much brother :)
We watched the video, i think its a mormon message, ¨mountains to climb¨by president Eyring. GO WATCH IT.  i loved this quote from it ¨acting on a twig of faith allows god to grow it.Protect it, and USE it to whatever extent you can.¨
Favorite scriptures that lifted me up: D&C: 68:6
D&C 84:88 and Luke 9:23 & 24
I am so thankful to be out here serving the Lord. I know that He hears and answers our prayers and that the challenges that come are because they are designed to make us stronger and better! I can feel myself becoming a better me, feeling the Lords love and reality stronger in my life. ¨¨The sorrows outnumber the joys, but the joys outweigh the sorrows!!¨
Be strong ! love you all soo much!
 paz y amor
Hermana Gardner :)

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