week 11:

Eyes to See

This week was the happiest Ive had so far I think :)! I love being in a trio with Hermana Bond and Hermana Lara. We are having so much fun together! So many random and hilsrious things happen every day and I wish I could just describe in detail every single moment we have, both of laughter and feeling the Spirit and power of the Lord with us in this work. Its quite incredible. I am not sure that anything has changed much about our situation to make me feel so much happier like I feel now. I was thinking about it and I realized that we dont have any more investigators and the work is the same. There are still some long days and moments of discouragement for sure. But my companions and I lift each other up, we help each other stay positive and grateful and make each other laugh :) I feel so grateful to have both of them with me on this adventure .I loved Elder Causse´s talk in conference where he said: Its not in finding new landscape but in having new eyes.¨ There were so many talks on PERSPECTIVE and seeing with the right eyes, being able to recognize God´s hand in our lives. I loved it so much!!! 

WASNT CONFERENCE AWESOME?! aw i could hardly believe the things I felt and learned. Here are some of my favorites that I really liked:

¨The church is like a big hospital and we´re all sick in our own way. God also expects us to love and lift and tolerate others who are learning in their own way.¨ Elder Renlund

¨A SAINT is a SINNER that KEEPS ON TRYING.¨ - also Elder Renlund
oh how true and wonderful this is. I love it. 

¨Living the Gospel is not a burden.¨
It is a contintual adventure where we are enlightened and loved and taught! Its so beautiful and happy :)!!! I LOVE IT. 

There was an earthquake on Tuesday! It was the weirdest thing! But we are all ok, haha! it was nothing too crazy, kindof cool actually. 

I ate chuncks of cow heart on a skewer so that was cool. haha! (ew!)

Sorry this is all, my companions are waiting for me! Were going to go try to find a delicious place that sells burritos for lunch! (burritos dont exist in Lima so this is going to be special). 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Thank you for loving me and supporting me and for every single email you send. 

SHLYNNY AND THE CATS! I got your package! and the necklace is BEAUTIFUL! oh my gosh i was so touched, thnak you sooo soo much. How lucky i am to have you guys.

until next week!!!
paz y amor
 Hermana Gardner

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