week 9:

Keep Christ Close

Wow what a week!!! Oh my goodness. So much to say, so little time!!! One hour of internet feels more like minutes, and we also have to write our President and send weekly goals and all that stuff. cray cray.
Yesterday we had cambiooosssss!!! I wasnt expecting anything to change because I am in training...and also on saturday they called us and just told us that yeah, we were going to stay where we were, both me and my companion. So we were like, sweet!!! 
But then Monday morning we were walking down the street to go running, at like 6:45 and these other hermanas came walking toward us and informed us that actually there had been a mistake made, and that there was an Hermana coming to our zone and she was going to join our companionship! We were both like, um are you serious?? But yeah, it was true!!! So now I am in a trio! Me, Hermana Lara, and the cutest thing ever....shes named Hermana Bond... literally a blessing sent from Heaven. Its only been one day but I can totally tell that she is going to teach me so much and become one of my best friends. Homestly! She is sooooooo cute!! Shes been out over a year. She is a little tiny barbie doll with long blonde hair, from West Jordan Utah!! I seriously love her so much already! Sooooo  here we go onto transfer numero 2!!!! (Yayyyy i got one transfer under my belt and they say it just keeps getting better!) 

Besides that, soooo many other great thnigs happened this past week. We had LOTS of lessons and did a lot of searching and finding and talking to peopl, to try to find people that are prepared to learn about the wonderful message of the Gospel. With every lesson i teach, I learn more about the power of the Spirit. I learn more about how the gospel really is GOOD NEWS. That it is about HOPE. That it is about healing and love and that our Savior Jesus Christ has that power to help us and lift us above our own weaknesses, limitations, and sorrows. Its impossible to describe the feelings I experience at times as I sit in lessons with people and testify of Jesus Christ. As I teach people the good news that they truly are loved and known by our God, who is their Padre Celestial, who loves and knows them. Probaby the most humbling thing is that I get to teach people how to say a prayer. I am sooo blown away that literally every person we teach who is not already a member of our church, does not know the blessing of being able to pray and talk to and have a real conversation with their Father in Heaven. It is amazing, and so humbling to be able to share with them this special opportunity that so often we take for granted as members of the church.

On Saturday, missionaries from the CCM came to our area and we got to go out and teach with them so they could see how it is out here in the real world of missionary work! Soooo that meant that I was assigned to two missinaries from the CCM and my companion with two others, and we split up and went and tried to find people to teach! hah can you imagine me, having only 6 weeks going out into the crazy city of Lima with 2 other gringa girls who know even less spanish than me, trying to have conversations with people and teach them about the gospel?! haha! it was rather funny but we had success!!!!! I swear to you that the Lord guides this work and is WITH HIS MISSIONARIES!!! That power is real. I see it every day.

Peruvian Cultural fact:¨
Instead of having a pizza man that delivers via automobile, there are men that drive around on motorcycles with a box somehow strapped to the back, delivering peoples favorite thing in Peru: chicken. 
i find it rather funny for some reason :)

Quote of the week:
As an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, I give you a blessing that as you incline your hearts and minds to the Savior, He will surely lift you and strengthen you. He will visit you with knowledge, peace, and courage. He will lighten your sorrows and your load. He will bless your family at home, even your extended family. He will take care of you and the things you worry about. He will prepare the way before you and send His angels to surround and uphold you. He will help you to overcome fear. He will help you rise up and become even greater men and woman of God.
President Uchtdorf

Oh how i love and cling to every word of this.  I FEEL of its truth. I know it is a real promise that applies to every missionary as well as each one of us as His children and disciples.

I love this work and i love my testimony. Miracles happen and peace is found when we keep Christ close.

until next week!
muchooooo amor!
you are in my prayers, 

Hermana Gardner

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