week 7:

Family!!!! Que paso?!?

This week was a better one for me. Heres what went down:

Mon- PDAY...ok let me just make it clear that receicing emails and letters from people is the BEST PART OF MY WEEK. Seriously thank you so much for everyoene that takes time to send me just a few lines and words of love and advice and pictures, anything. I just love it. It lifts my spirits and helps me more than you know!!! thank you thank you. Sorry if I dont respond immediately but please know how much I appreciate it and love feeeling your love!!! special thanks last week to Heather Moseley, Romney, Carly, Courtney, Tjones and Zoe. also Micah and Jackson! yall are the BEST and i really feeel so much love and encouragement when I hear from you.

Tues- I got to go on exchanges with Hermana Rush! Shes the cutest girl from Mesa. that was awesome cause we got to speak english and shes een out over a year and gave me lots of advice and hope haha! It was fun.

Wed- We went to the mission office for a family history meeting and I was talking to this cute old lady whose name is Hna Lunt. She is an ANGEL. I think she was sent my Grandma Ann or maybe they were friends in the preexistance or something I dont know, but she just talked to me and loved me and it was soo needed. Also, she sent me a little package the other day with a kitkat bar in it and a little note of encouragement. I cried. BUTTT the best part of being in the office this day was that we were sitting there and Hna Lunt was like, ´Oh Hna Gardner, i think theres a package for you here¨ and im like ¨No i dont think so,Im not expecting anything.¨ and then she goes into this room and walks out and hands me a package with Moms handwriting and doodles all over it and I just held it in my arms and hugged it and cried!!!!!!!! IT WAS JUST WHAT I NEEDED!!!!!! I cant even tell you how much it meant to me to have that package of love from my family right in that moment. Literally i dont even remember Christmases where I felt so much JOY and peace and happiness. I opened it and saw all the valentines and notes from you guys and I felt so strengthened and comforted and lifted. It was the best thing ever. What a tender mercy. I carried the package home hugging it the whole way with a bug smile on my face. It made my heart so happy. THANK YOU:

Later this night, we taught our friend Segundo.He is going through a bit of a tough time returning to church. The adversary works hard on people when they try to do the right things. It was so heartbreaking to see tears run down this old mans face as he sat there with us and poured out his broken heart. But i shared with him my favorite scripture of this week (which everyone ought to go read cause its the best) D&C 6:33-37.... TEARS came. From the worn face of this discouraged mna. His faith being tried. His once hopeful happy excitement turned to doubt and being shot down. it was so heartbreaking to see. But seeing those tears run down his face from something so small that I was able to share, just this simple scripture, I felt  a joy and a LOVE inside me that surpasses every other feeling in this world. The love of a Heavenly Father who KNOWS us. individually. And to see him be so comforted and assured of this love, to see that he was feeling it oo...wow. Thats the power of the Holy Ghost, my friends. It works MILAGROS (miracles) in the hearts of men. It brings Gods love to the center of our souls., It heals us with warmth and love and truth.

 and I have felt it also being here.... My faith is being tried, but then it is also being stretched. I am coming to beleive in Heavenly Fathers existance and learn of his true nature more than I ever have. It feels so good to come to know him. To really feel Him there. You never kjnow how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have...equally I beleive that you never know how much faith you are capable of obtaining and growing, until having faith is the only choice you have. When I was in the MTC my companion told me, ¨When we cannot feel God near us, when we feel alone, it is his way of saying ¨come nearer to me...I need more of you, I need more of your trust.¨ and in return, we receive more of Him. More of His love. More of His light. More understanding of His nature as our loving Heavenly Father... :)

There are 2 little girls, probably about 8 or 9 on this one street, that chase after me every time they see me wanting to speak english with me. They even askes me, BEGGED ME, to sign my autograph. My companion says they think I am Hannah Montana. 

There are nasty dogs all over the place. I saw a naked hairless one the other day, it was gross. 

random picture of the street, and my kitchen. :) 

I love you Family!!!! You are my strength. Hearing from you gets me through the week and I know I can do it because I think of my team of cheerleaders at home, encouraging nme and sending love. :) 
thank you thank you!!!!!!! 

paz y amor,
Hermana G

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