week five:

Hermana Gardner here!!! How is the team?!
Guess WHAT?!?!?! 6 more days till im in the real world!!!!!!!!!! I literally am so excited. I cant wait to get to work and do what i came here to do. Soooo that being said, I leave the CCM at like 6 am next Tuesday and then meet up with my mission presidents, the Douglasses. So i probably wont have a pday next week :(
But this week was good and full of lots of ups and downs. BUT the ups were UP  so it was worth it.
last p-day we were out shopping at the grocery store and i finished checking out and i was standing there waiting for my comps. There was an older man standing near me and I started talking to him. I told him i was a missionary, and asked if he knew the mormons, tried to share the gospel, etc, haha! But I couldnt really remember what to say in spanish!!! haha! so hard! But it was hilarious because im sitting there trying to share the gospel and then he starting saying ¨something someakjdsomspanish espanol...something..talkingreallyfast ..usted es caliente!¨ Im like ummm, gracias? and then my comp walksup and he goes ¨hey bebe.¨
...oh dear. hahahahaha
Okay so The childrens song book in spanish has the´primary song ├Ânce there was a snowman¨. Except that instead of snowman, the word they use is ¨mono¨which is a monkey. ha!! We were all like what the heck? why on earth is it monkey? and we were singing it in englsih and doing the snowman movements for our teachers and they were laughing at us because we sing ¨snowmen,¨ (the way it ought to be sang..). hahaha it was so funny. i guess the word for snowman doesnt translate into spanish to the beat of the song... but all the other words stay the same??? So apparently the primary children sing about a monkey that melts in the sun. i dont know. it doesnt make sense. we were dying laughing.
If you all could SEEE my plate at dinner... man oh man. there are so many green things on there. You wouldnt beleive it was the same Tessa. Im eating sooo many VEGETABLES! im so proud of myself!!!!
My nose is SOOO sunburned, i look like rudolph the red nosed reindeer. hermana-el-nariz-rojo-misionera
Mom... you were always RIGHT about piano lessons. I wish so badly now that I knew how to play the piano. Jack, get learning for your mission. and Stock and Micah too!! haha it seriously is a helpful talent to have here.
I FINALLY think i decided on my word of the year!!!! Im a little late but im excited because i finally thought of something meaningful to me. Its the word, PERSPECTIVE. Im beginning to learn that having the right perspective in anything in life is such a game changer. It changes the way you think about and perceive your current situations. Specifically for me here on my mission I want to always remember WHY i am here and keep my sights set on the eternal perspective. So often we get so caught up and focused on the daily dirty details and our perspective becomes so shrunk down, like we cant see past right now, or today, or this moment. And we can get so discouraged, or upset, or bored, or beaten down when we forget our purpose. When we forget to consciously remind ourselves WHy we are doing something and remind ourselves that it is WORTH IT. We must think about the amazing things that come from our work, whether it be raising a family, serving a mission, going to school, working long days, etc. The mundane daily work and stress and sweat and labor can make us forget what the whole purpose is, what its really all about. But i dont want to forget, i want to remember.
Another thing thats been on my mind is  that I want to start REALLY consciously  looking for, and thinking about the daily affirmations of Heavenly Fathers love for me. I think He wants to show me every day that He loves me and is aware of my situation. But sometimes I dont see it. and ive really had that impression, that they are there, but he wants me to look because they may be small things. They may be quiet or easily looked past, bhut I believe they are there and Heavenly Father seems to be tellingme that He wants me to find them. Like a little scavenger hunt between Him and me... and i want you all to join me!! Whose with me?! I want you guys to be looking too, and email me or simply write them down at least for yourself and look for how Heavenly Father is showing His love for you EVERY day. Not just sometimes, but daily. Lets start looking. :)
1 Cor. 2:9
Alma 26:1 
 these have to do with perspective. Because sometimes you really cant see what blessings will come when you start a journey. Sometimes we dont realize for a long time later.
I am SOOO grateful to have so much love and support flooding into my heart from home. I feel it so stroing and your prayers are strengthening me.
I LOVE YOU! Thank you so much.
Have a good good week! and dont forget to look for Heavenly Fathers love, because it is there. :)
paz y amor until who knows when?! maybe another week and a half?? ah!! But its ok cause ill take your love with me and share it with REAL people out there! WOOT WOOT!!!!
Hermana G :)
pics: bus ride to the temple andddd ICE CREAM on PDAY!!!! woot woot

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